Monday, January 26, 2015

How the days unfold in Los Barriles

  My time in Los Barriles has evolved  into a gentle rhythm of morning coffee while watching the glorious birds followed by:

  Picking up goods at the hardware store, painting at Seddon's wonderful studio,

Little trips to San Jose del Cabo

The mango slushy and churro from Costco:  highly not recommended
 Buying jewelry at the beach   ( pick me a seat!)
 dinner at little local pop-ups

 Quiet day at the beach.  In the background at the far left is Flat Top, which we climbed up to

 The extraordinary and beautiful colors on Flat Top

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nomadic Me: New Digs Again

I found myself extending my stay here in Los Barriles from one month to two when my original San Miguel rental was cancelled. This extended time here has meant a number of stays in different homes as variously, guest, dog sitter, guest, dog sitter, .........   How fortunate am I to have generous friends who can accommodate me between dog sitting engagements!

So I have moved again.  From the main house of Alex and Elena to the Cabana of Alex and Elena.
It's sweet! I'm here for two more days before moving on again.

And now two days later I find myself in another magical setting:  the pretty compound behind the big blue gate at "la curva", the bend in the main street of Los Barriles.  I'm staying at Casa Escondida, the home of Rick and Cynthia.   It's only a hop, skip, and jump from my previous digs and equi-distant to Caffe Encinalito.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

Now it's REALLY open!

Jacqueline and Sasha conducted a four day "soft opening"  where they eased themselves into the reality of a fixed schedule business.  Sasha pulled shots, Jacqueline offered an assortment of her very nice baked goods, and the community just kind of stopped by.  It went smoothly and easily but the fact was that the building still was not finished!  Painting to be done.  kitchen to be fully stocked, customer seating not resolved, etc. etc.

They took off four days and tended to that business and then had a HARD opening this morning.
The good news is that it all went beautifully.  A full day of a steady stream of customers, new and "old", friends, family and complete strangers from all over the globe!
 Kathleen cutting in the painting of the exterior

Putting up a display of the t shirts for sale
 Beautiful Elena in her new Caffe Encinalito top
Early morning:  first official day of Caffe Encinaltio

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Wow.  This morning I stopped by the cafe site on my way to the market and look what I saw!
A CUSTOMER and Sasha behind the counter pulling a shot!  This is indeed a s-s-s-oft opening as is evidenced by the photos, but the fact is people continued to stop by and get their java and were excited!  

As the finishing work continues and Jacqueline gets set up to do her baking (no goodies today) customers will come by and get acquainted with the business.  It's not a slick opening, but an effective one.

Uncle Rick sporting the Jacqueline-designed t-shirt

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas in San Bartolo and Los Barriles

A beautiful Christmas eve was spent in the little village of San Bartolo, a half hour drive into the mountains.  Sue and Pete hosted a feast including pork ribs and (their) Alaskan salmon.
 Christmas morning started with walking Lucy and a morning swim, and was followed by a beautiful breakfast crafted Jacqueline accompanied by  Sasha's superb coffee.